Expanding Universe. The Hubble Space Telescope

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Come face to face with the most breathtaking images from the Hubble Telescope, one of the greatest tools in the history of science. Updated with 30 new images to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the telescope’s launch, these epic pictures have answered some of the most compelling questions of time and space while also revealing new mysteries. Features texts by photography critic Owen Edwards, Hubble astronauts Charles F. Bolden, Jr. and John Mace Grunsfeld, and Zoltan Levay.


“A magnificent selection of pictures taken by cameras on the Hubble Space Telescope… The pictures are processed and displayed with great care, with colors and contrast adjusted to make the scenes as truthful and vivid as possible.”

-Freeman Dyson


Hardcover with fold-outs, 11.4 x 11.4 in., 5.44 lb, 260 pages