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16 Piece Sage Box Set

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BOX FILLED WITH A SMUDGE CLEANSING STICK VARIETY & OTHER CLEANSING ESSENTIALS. CURRENTLY WITH: blue sage, Lavender sage, rosemary sage, Yerba Santa cedar & dragons blood, lavender sage, 7 Chakra Sage with rose petals, desert sage, Bougainvillia sage, a palo Santo stick and a 3 raw healing gemstone •☽ *Please note bundle types change every few weeks to keep it fresh, so come back to collect them all!

Need a super gift or maybe a deep, sacred & spiritual cleanse? My cleansing sticks are pure, 100% ethically gathered and a positive addition to any home or establishment. They makes a great house warming gift for your spiritual friend or prayer tools for your sacred rituals.

• You will receive a gift box with a sampler variety of smudge sticks & 3 Healing gemstones (16 total pieces ) - Black & blue sage, Yerba Santa, cedar, dragons blood, Eucalyptus sage, lavender sage, 7 chakra rose petal sage, palo santo, raw natural gemstone and more. (Cleansing sticks Changes seasonally & with availability)
• a description card with mindful tips
• Keep in mind, since some of the items in this bundle are natural & uniquely bundled, slight differences in herb colors, sizes or imperfections may occur, it’s what makes each beautifully unique like nature itself!
•Sending as gifts? Leave a note and I’ll make sure to put separate notes of your choice in each gift
• Want to stock your shop!? I offer wholesale and you can use your own logo!
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When burned, sage or cedar smoke is said to rid negative energy, cleanse your soul, banish spirits and invite protection. Each herb promotes something different and a smudge description card with details on each bundle + tips on how to use is included with each smudge set! Use with intention.

Wave the smoke over an object or person, clear your doorways from negativity entering or freshen up your house with this your incense wand variety!